If you’re not yet overwhelmed by the continuous superhero movies released in 2017, then you’re in for great surprises with the newly released superhero TV series.


Although it received harsh negative reviews and was deemed a failure by critics, Iron Fist was well received by audience. Produced by Netflix, Iron Fist follows the story of Danny Rand played by Finn Jones, a face you may have come to recognize as Loras Tyrell from Game of Thrones. Believed to have died at a plane crash as a child, he suddenly returns to fight the enemies that infiltrated his father’s legacy. It premiered on March 2017 and is set to return for a second season in July 2018.


Legion follows the story of David Haller who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and put in various psychiatric hospitals. Upon meeting Syd, another mental patient, he discovers his mental illness is not so much an illness but his mutant powers manifesting. Played by Dan Stevens and created by Noah Hawley based on Marvel’s Legion. It first aired in February 2017 and ended on March 2017. Season 2 began shooting in July 2017 and is set to be released on February 2018.


An unconventional action comedy about superheroes, Powerless is not about the glamorous superheroes but the ordinary people living with them. Emily Locke played by Vanessa Hudgens becomes a director of research and development at Wayne Security, a business started by Bruce Wayne’s cousin who saw an opportunity in creating products that help the ordinary citizens survive encounters with superhero fights. First aired in February 2017 and ended on April 2017. Powerless’ season 2 was reportedly cancelled by NBC back in May and as of the moment there are no talks of production.


Netflix is showing no signs of stopping with hit adaptations like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Defenders. Its latest Marvel project is Punisher, played by Jon Bertnhal from the Walking Dead. The Punisher as referred to by the criminal world is Frank Castle, a broken man haunted by the traumatic murder of his family. This pushed him to become a vigilante and exert justice in his own terms no matter the costs. Protection Status